Lincoln Life Insurance or who are known officially as the National Lincoln Life Insurance is life insurance that was already an established 100 years ago, precisely in the year 1905 in Radnor, Pennsylvania. The Lincoln National Life Insurance Company is a subsidiary of Lincoln Financial Group that prides itself on honesty and excellence that indetik with the namesake, President Abraham Lincoln.

National Lincoln Life Insurance Review

Lincoln Financial Group is divided into 4 parts in running its business, namely life insurance, Annuities, group protection and retirement plan services, in addition the company is also involved in many activities including Philanthropic Foundations Lincoln Financial which raised $10 million dollars annually to the community and maintain a strong business presence.

Life insurance period

Life insurance products offered include policy futures with the limitation period of 5, 10, 15, or 20 years offering a premium anyway. Additional riders are available with life insurance policy include:

  • release of rights to the Premium passengers
  • provides long-term protection and accelerated benefit rider
  • You can receive a portion of the death
  • All policy choices life riders
  • Available with an additional charge for a premium insurance policy.

Universal Life Insurance

Universal life insurance offers permanent life insurance along with the value of the accumulated cash and support available with a Universal life insurance policy through the Lincoln National the to your specific needs.

Additional options include:

  • Benefits accelerated with critical illness
  • The term son
  • Disability exemption
  • Guaranteed insurability
  • The minimum death benefit
  • Term rider pair.

Annuities and other products

Lincoln Life Insurance offers Fixed, indexed and Variable Annuities. These products are available to qualified plans, while fixed Annuity features guaranteed interest rates of three to 10 years depending on the product.

Indexed annuity is a product that binds profit against investment on the performance of stock indexes, although this company product index annuity is considered a middle way between the choice of a traditional fixed product and variable annuity, providing of the two.

Variable annuity products American Legacy showing separate accounts managed by the American Fund while Lincoln product offers separate account ChoicePlus managed by AllianceBernstein, American Funds, Fidelity Investments, and Delaware other companies.

Typical products of the company are the Moneyguard Reserve  "benefits Linked " life insurance policy. This policy is a hybrid of Universal life and long term care policy, provide the benefits associated with both.

The Lincoln National life insurance company is part of the Lincoln Financial Group and offers a selection of comprehensive life insurance products. With financial strength ratings are very good, you can trust its ability to pay claims and remain financially secure.

One of the advantages is being able to take care of all the needs of long-term planning such as life insurance, asset management, and retirement planning with one company. Pricing life insurance compete with competitive prices. The loss of the life insurance policy is the inability to receive quotes online.

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