Compare the best cheap car insurance company is an important step for those of you who will insure your car to an insurance company, many people regret it later because they insure their car as an insurance company. Therefore you must be more careful in choosing an insurance company in order to provide satisfactory results.

Best Cheap Car Insurance Companies

The best car insurance company based on the lowest price, but the price offered may be a little different, this is determined by the company and also from which country people insure the car.

State farm

State Farm is the best cheap car insurance company with an average annual rate of $ 1,337 per year for good drivers, while for drivers with recent accident accidents, at an average rate of $ 1,637 per year.


Geico is the best cheap car insurance company for ordinary motorists with an average annual rate of $ 1,627, while for riders with bad credit with an average rate of $ 2,635 per year. GEICO is available in 19 out of 50 countries and also one of the affordable options of up to 75 percent and lower bids of hundreds of dollars cheaper than other best competitors.


Progressive is the third best low-cost car insurance company with an average of $ 1,828 years for good drivers, while for drivers with accidents with an average error of $ 3,360 per year.


Erie is the fourth best low-cost insurance company and a reliable insurance company. Erie targets customers to start bidding online and process it efficiently and quickly. Erie also has the highest value of the number of policies offered such as pet protection, free forgiveness of accidents, eductibles disappearing and much more. Erie customers may qualify for the Rate Lock program, meaning customers will not see the rate increase unless they move to a different area, add or remove someone from your policy and increase or decrease the car.

Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual is well-known for its strong shopping experience, many of its customers who reported in the study stated that they were very satisfied with the flexibility of the policies offered by Liberty Mutual and also their good relations with Liberty Mutual agents.

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