When you just build a website, maybe you only use shared hosting because visitors are still small, but shared hosting has many shortcomings, one of which is that it cannot accommodate large amounts of traffic. The website that you build, of course, will continue to grow day by day and visitors will continue to grow. If shared hosting is unable to accommodate traffic from your website, then you are advised to move to VPS (Virtual Private Network), otherwise your website will be down and inaccessible.

Best Cheap VPS Hosting Providers

You need to know that choosing VPS is not as easy as you think, there are so many VPS providers that offer cheap but not quality prices. if you are confused in choosing a VPS, you can listen to the following article to make it easier to determine where you will buy a VPS. Cheap VPS Hosting providers that have the best features and support are the target for everyone, because in addition to the guaranteed quality, the price is cheap, for that you have to choose a VPS hosting provider that is well-known and has proven its quality.

Benefits of VPS Hosting

  • Easy scalability and further resources can be added.
  • Provides a separate environment for each user, so it is not disturbed by other VPS users.
  • Ensure greater security.
  • Each user has special resources such as RAM, CPU and storage.
  • Provides the highest active time and high speed resources.
  • You have the choice to use a managed and unmanaged VPS server.

Because of its many features, generally the best VPS hosting providers may offer a high price, but there are some of the best cheap VPS hosting providers.

The following are the best cheap VPS Hosting providers that provide greater reliability, security and peace of mind.


Vultr offers the cheapest VPS Hosting that can run several Linux distributions, applications and install custom ISOs with prices starting at $ 2.50 per month, these prices are perfect for those of you who have little money or for those of you who are just learning to use VPS. Apart from providing VPS Hosting at a low price, their working time and rendering speed are also extraordinary. Vultr has provided several data centers around the world to ensure the fastest loading speed. Vultr provides 16 different server locations and configures the server closest to your target audience.

Vultr has a world-class data center built with the best hardware, so you can maximize the results with a user-friendly and powerful management panel. They offer a rich intuitive control panel that is easy to use, destroy, modify and configure system settings. They provide full control and admin access rights through your virtual machine.


Hostwinds is the best low-cost VPS Hosting provider that guarantees 100% customer satisfaction, this is evidenced by the support of 24/7 and 99.99% Uptime. Hostwinds offers night backup and free website transfer.

They offer VPS Hosting with an unmanaged Linux operating system starting at $ 4.50 per month and $ 5.20 per month for fully managed Linux, while for VPS Hosting with a Windows operating system starting at $ 7.50 per month for unmanaged windows and $ 9.0 per month for windows fully managed.


Contabo is the last best provider of cheap VPS Hosting, they offer web protection from DDoS, Support 24/7 and full access to root. You need to know that they have been awarded as the best server in Germany.

Contabo offers VPS Hosting with the Linux operating system starting from € 4.0 EURO, while for VPS Hosting Windows starts from € 10.0 EURO per month.

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