In today's economy, many companies, especially small companies are finding it harder to compete, make money and afford employee benefits at the same time. One of the first things to be cut are the benefits that employees have come to count on. In particular, dental insurance is generally considered a luxury benefit.

Therefore, it is one of the first benefits to be cut, leaving the employee to figure out how to pay for the dental services they need.

1. When you are searching for a dental plan, it is important to work with a reliable provider.

The best way to ensure this is to ask them questions. You want a mailing address from them, not just a P.O. Box; this will ensure that you are dealing with a real company. You need to know if they have a phone number and what hours they can be reached. When you get this number, give them a call back and ask some basic questions, this will give you and idea as to the level of customer service that you can expect in the future.

2. Ask if they cover the types of procedures that you normally have performed by your dentist. 

If you are seeking a company with a plan to cover cleanings and fillings, it will be less expensive. Like wise, if you want to have fluoride and x-rays paid for by your individual dental plan, it will cost you a little more.

3. You will need to know if your dentist participates in the program.

It does not really matter what the fees are for the plan if your dentist of choice is not on the list that they deal with. It is also a good idea to ask you dentist what dental plan he would recommend. He knows what you normally have done and how often, the dentist will also know what companies he participates in.

4. Have a look around online for companies that offer individual dental plans. 

This is fast growing industry and is getting very competitive. There are dental plans that start for as little as 11.00 per month for an individual. This is for the basic plan, but if that is all you need, then you will be covered for a relatively low price.

5. If you are having trouble finding a dental plan to suit your needs for the price you are willing to pay, speak with your dentist.

Many dentists are willing to make payment arrangements with loyal clients.

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