It can seem hard to compete with the low prices many people are putting their products and services out for, especially in the age of the online coupon which makes the price even lower.

But, the fact of the matter is that people most of the time care more about quality and service over price. Here are some things you can do to gain customer loyalty when everyone is giving out coupons.

Give Discounts to Current Customers

When you come out with a new product or service, instead of inviting strangers into the fold with the discount, try marketing to your current audience first so that they can get the discount. Call it a customer loyalty discount, don't offer it to anyone else, and make sure they know that you won't because you value your existing customers.

Provide Amazing Customer Care

Don't skimp on customer care for any product or service that you offer. The higher level customer care you can offer, the more loyal your audience will become to you. That starts from the moment they enter your list or buy something from you.

Exceed Their Expectations

When you already have customers, seek ways to surprise them and exceed their expectations in ways that other people don't. This could be sending a few extra videos to help a buyer understand better the product they bought, or just sending an email asking them if they need help with their purchase.

Share Who You Are

As you build your customer base, it's important to become more transparent. That starts with you being who you are no matter whether it's business or pleasure. Sure, you might be a little more straight-laced for business, but you shouldn't be a totally different person. If it takes you three hours to get ready for a Facebook Live event, you're not going to come off as very authentic.

Create a Community

You can create an amazing community around your products and services, or the entire niche. Create a Facebook group for your products, schedule some discussion starters, use your autoresponder to invite them to the group, and watch the community grow.

Admit to Mistakes

If you ever make a mistake, your community will let you know. This is the time to own up to the mistake, and you'll find that you bring your community back together.

Follow Up

Always follow up with your buyers. Set up an autoresponder for every freebie or paid product that you offer, as well as for your general mailing list. You want to follow up in a specific way as well as a general way, so that you can get to know your audience and community more and they can get to know you too.

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