Getting the attention of industry leaders is not that much different from getting engagement from any audience. You must appeal to them in their language using the words, images, and values that they care about.

1.Understand the Values of Industry Leaders

An industry leader probably likes to be treated well. That's because usually, they can afford it. They like luxury, but they are classy and don't like show-offs. Know the audience that you want to attract and get to know what they care about, so you can mention it and show it.

2. Know the Terminology That They Use

Go to where the leaders go so that you can listen to them and learn the type of terminology that they use. Those are the words that they'll look for when they search for something to respond to and engage with.

3. Know Where Leaders Get Their Information

Read the publications they read, join the groups they join on social media, and attend the networking events they attend. When you know where they get their information, you can converse with them on their level.

4. Keep Detailed Data Regarding Interactions

To ensure that you're really engaging, meaning having two-way activity, it's a good idea to keep track of the metrics. The data matters more than your impression of what you think is happening.

5. Never Stop Learning

You want to put yourself at their level by continuing to learn about the things that are important to them. That way you'll understand their problems better, so that you can create solutions.

6. Be an Example

Leaders like working with other leaders. Set an example by engaging with others first. Introduce yourself, ask for the engagement, and let them know they're important.

7. Reward Them and Brag about Them

When an industry leader publishes something that you enjoyed reading, make sure you tell them. If they even mention a book they think others should read, read it, then thank them for recommending it. Do it publicly. Do it privately.

8. Show That You Love Your List Members

Find ways to thank your list members so that they know you respect them and think they're amazing. Treat your email list of leaders as if it's an exclusive membership where they get first dibs on anything you offer.

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As you can see, even if your audience were entry-level professionals the process is the same. Get to know who they are so that you can create engaging content. The content is what's going to encourage them to engage with you. That takes doing your homework so that you know who you're dealing with.

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